third beach (2018)
Melany Nugent-Noble & Trent Noble
Lake Country Art Gallery
January 13-February 25, 2018

Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 120", stone, charcoal, velum, single-channel video projection

Rising from a hearth of slag and coal, a virtual fire burns upon a large pillar installed in the middle of the gallery that rises up to meet the ceiling, on which an escalating choreography of smoke and flame is projected onto. Various sized stumps for sitting are placed around the hearth and fire, as well as randomly around the gallery space.

The projection runs a 24 minute loop that begins with subtle wisps of smoke, then slowly build a flame. The fire continues to slowly grow in size and ferocity, at times reaching to the ceiling before it eventually dies down to embers. The projection and choreography is accompanied by an ambient, hypnotic hum with the odd digitally manipulated “crack” or ‘pop” expected from a physical fire.

Beyond the direct proximity of the fire, incidental reflections of its light are reflected and bounced upon and between walls, even in the farthest corners of the space.

Photo documentation by Tara Nicholson. Video documentation by Evan Berg.

third beach.jpg