Stalemate is a projected poem that leverages the collective movements of individuals within a space to inform what selection of text is projected. The text is visually referential of concrete poetry, and the words and phrases used in the poem are found in pronouncements from others, political and academic jargon, or are lines first used in popular political art. It is analogy for the structures of government or like institutions that often respond to the various needs of many with a singular blanket approach of policy; the power of words are diluted to satisfy the masses.

The following is the poem text in full:

Construction / production / reproduction
moral pollution / effective progressive politics
neutral / boundaries
borders / defense
heat / crack
develop / perfect
practice / makes / perfect.

Exchange / rearrange / maintain
migration / be a tourist
migration patterns / mark the world / mark the word
making place / taking space
origin / unity
simple / pure / (any adjective).

Maintenance / magic
erosion / power
assemble / disassemble / reassemble.

Reinforced plastics / concrete vision
balance / flinch | fracture  
the future will always have / us in it
if you want it.

Detail of text.

Interactive poem that responds to people in space. Arduino, Processing, photo-resistors, lights, Mac. Exhibited at Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, BC. February, 2015. Projection approx: 10 ft W x 7 ft H.